About Indigo Honey

Indigo Honey is an online pleasure boutique filled with Sexual Wellness & Pleasure Products Hand-Picked for the Modern Independent Woman.

The focus of that online store is sexual health and satisfaction, whether or not you are currently partnered. It’s a REALLY important part of being a woman, and I believe that everyone should take time for themselves and to take pleasure into her own hands (so to speak.) It’s healthy, relieves stress, it’s fun, it feels good, and it can be downright empowering!

You can call me Candy, and I run the joint, from product selection to site design, to this here blog.

What I’ll share here is simple, if a bit jumbled – articles about sexual health, about aging gracefully (or sometimes, maybe not so much,) pleasure product info, and the occasionally snark about being a woman and especially about being a woman of a certain age.

If I see something online or in real life that I think ladies like me might enjoy, I’ll be sharing it here. I will also (of course!) credit my sources if I am reposting something, along with links to Indigo Honey  products that may apply to the original article.

I hope you enjoy!


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