Sweat Your Way to Better Sex! – Your Guide to the Orgasmic Power of Kegels

KegelIn the words of Queen Britney, You better work, b*tch! When you’re getting your sweat on, don’t forget the most important muscles of all – the ones in your vajayjay (and we’re pretty sure Ms. Spears would agree).

Kegel exercises are as trendy as rose gold jewelry and hot yoga classes, and for good reason. This simple pelvic floor workout of squeezing and releasing your PC muscles is the key to more intense orgasms, better sex, and a healthier vagina. Doing daily kegels can even help you bounce back from pregnancy or control those little squirts of pee that sneak out when you laugh or sneeze, better known as incontinence.

Kegel repetitions work to tighten the muscles of the pelvic floor and vaginal walls. Though science has long busted the myth that lots of amazing sex or multiple partners will forever leave you loose, the pelvic muscles can lose their tone and strength over time, just like the rest of your body when you cheat on your fitness routine for too long. If you’ve given birth, you’ll also notice a change in the tightness of your vaginal muscles.

All this stuff is totally normal, but your health and pleasure depend on physical fitness to keep your insides in tip-top shape. When those downstairs muscles are properly primed, you’ll enjoy stronger orgasms and more internal pleasure during penetration.

Adding some Kegels to your repertoire is like eating a whole box of chocolate-covered cherries after your regular workout (except orgasms are way better for your body than processed sugars).

Let’s get you started with an easy-peasy Kegel routine, some goodies to spice up your workout, and a little orgasmic game to throw in for motivation.

How the Heck Does a Kegel Work?

You can do a Kegel from wherever you’re sitting or laying down, and that’s what makes them pretty much awesome. Simply clench your vaginal muscles together, kind of like when you’re holding in a fart (yes, really, that’s it!). You’ll feel your butt cheeks and thighs clench up at the same time. To check that you’re doing it right, use those same muscles to stop the flow of urine the next time you’re on the toilet. If the stream stops, you’re doing it right.

Now clench and hold, and see how long you can keep those muscles flexed. Ideally, aim for 5-10 seconds clenched, and then release. Congrats! You’ve done your first Kegel.

Ready, Get Set, Vagina Reps!

Keeping up with your Kegels is no different from any other fitness routine. You’ve got to stick with it on the daily, but thankfully you don’t have to hit the gym. You can do the ol’ squeeze-and-release while sitting at the office, watching a movie, or anywhere that allows you some down time to yourself.

For beginners, start by clenching for 5 seconds, relaxing for 5 seconds, and then repeating this pattern 10 times in sets of 3. Work your way up to clenching for 10 seconds and then relaxing for 10, also aiming for 3 sets of 10 reps.

Twist It Up With Some “Exercise Equipment”

You’ll eventually want to add some resistance to move up to the next level, or maybe you could use a little coaching to get it right. There are all sorts of sexy workout toys to guide your routine or add some light weights to build that kitty into a fierce, dildo-crushing jaguar. (Ok, we’re kidding, you probably won’t crush your sex toy, but your partner will definitely feel the difference.)

Bloom by We-Wibe


We-Vibe’s luxurious Bloom is for the Kegel-ciser who wants it all. Bloom’s smart phone app guides you through your workout like a mini personal trainer. You can even swap out the weights to match your endurance level. Those 10 rumbly vibrations keep you motivated and on track for success.


Pussy Playballs Kegel Training Set by Rianne S


Take your Kegel toys on the go with this ultra girly kit from fashion-forward brand Rianne S. The Pussy Playballs are basic Kegel weights disguised as adorable accessories in their coral-pink cosmetic bag. Each of the 4 balls adds on a little more weight, making it easy to step up your workout anytime.


Body & Soul Entice Kegel Balls


These easy-to-remove Kegel balls keep it super basic, and they’re perfect for beginners on a budget. The stretchy silicone string and smooth, polished plastic balls help you figure out just how to wrap your v-muscles around their first workout toy.


Fantasy for Her Remote Kegel Exercise-Her


If the duo-ball shape doesn’t do it for you, these Fantasy for Her Kegel balls are designed like a tear drop and made just as much for orgasms as exercise. Ten vibration modes take you through a whirlwind workout routine, which we’re pretty sure is going to wind up going south into climax land pretty quickly. You can even use this versatile piece of strength training equipment as an external bullet vibe.


Kegel Your Way to an Orgasmic Workout

Once you’ve gotten the kick of Kegel-ing, now comes the fun and games. You can combine your self-pleasure sessions with your daily down-there workout to add in a little reward – orgasms!

Choose a Kegel toy that vibrates as you squeeze, and as you go about your reps, notice how the vibrations ripple through your sacred space. Feel those heavenly vibes stimulate your g-spot and rumble up through your clitoris as you clench. Move your mindset from weightlifting champ to masturbation mode, and enjoy the subtle sensations of the toy as it rocks inside you.

Once you’ve gotten through your usual round of reps, you’ll be all worked up and ready to reach the finish line. Keep going with a few more reps of clench-and-release (or start your Kegel-ciser’s program from the beginning), but this time, slowly massage your clitoris as the Kegel toy’s vibrations bring you to the brink. Hold off for as long as you can, savoring the uniquely subtle pleasure of this deliciously gentle yet deep self-love technique.

When you’re ready, let yourself climax as the Kegel toy gushes forth another 10 second rep of vibration. In this tuned-in state, you’ll feel every last wave as your orgasm matches the toy’s burst of vibes.

Now who said working out has to suck?

Looking to get your groove on?

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5 Steps to a Healthy and Orgasmic Pelvic Floor from Kinkly


Takeaway: Taking care of your pelvic floor could lead to the best orgasms of your life.


The pelvic floor.

You’ve probably heard this term and it certainly doesn’t sound sexy. However, this area of your body is key to sexual health, sexual performance and your enjoyment of sex.

Now I’ve got your attention, right? Here we’ll take a look at the pelvic floor, how it works and what you can do to keep yours as healthy – and orgasmic – as possible.

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How Your Pelvic Floor Muscles Affect Sex (And Other Things)

Plus what you can do if you have a weak pelvic floor.

This was originally posted on The Huffington Post Australia, and is chock full of great info.

How Your Pelvic Floor Muscles

It has to be said, Sex And The City taught us a decent amount about the intimate lives of women. Without it how would be know about ugly sex, teeth placement and Kegel exercises? (We’ll leave you to Google the first two.)

Kegel exercises, AKA strengthening the pelvic floor, is something Samantha kindly educated Charlotte on. But what exactly is it? And is it important?

“The pelvic floor is a sling of muscles which rest at the base of the pelvis,” Kathryn Warr, Principal Physiotherapist and Founder of IvoryRose Physiotherapy for Her told The Huffington Post Australia.

“These muscles stretch like a bit of a trampoline, running from the pubic bone to the tailbone and are made up of two distinct layers — a superficial layer and a deep layer.”

Cool, a mini trampoline somewhere near the vagina. And it’s there to make sex feel good, right? Not quite.

“There are multiple purposes of the pelvic floor muscles as a unit, such as lower back support, sexual function, bladder and bowel control and pelvic organ support. Basically, if we didn’t have these muscles at the base of our pelvis, all of our pelvic organs would fall out,” Warr said.

So it’s not just about sex, though it’s important to understand its purpose during the act as it can increase sensation.

“It is time to drop the taboo culture and start talking. There is a sense of normalizing the whole thing which I understand can make people feel better. However, just because something is common does not make it normal. Confidence is empowering, it is hard to be confident when you are wetting your pants!”

“Sexual response is incredibly multifactorial however, one component can be the influence of the pelvic floor,” Warr said.

“It has been suggested that learning to squeeze the pelvic floor during sex may contribute to sensation. If you think about it, the more ‘in touch’ you can get with these muscles, i.e. how they work, how to squeeze them and how to relax them, the more sensation you may be able to experience. I’ve had some women tell me that after paying more attention to the control and coordination of their pelvic floor muscles, they have found new heights to their sensation and awareness during sex.”

Sex aside, it’s a fact of life that a woman will likely experience a weakened pelvic floor later in life, particularly if she’s a mum.

“Females can experience pelvic floor weakness for a number of reasons, such as things like trauma during childbirth where the pelvic floor muscles may be torn or injured. If this was to happen it normally takes place during the second stage of labour when mum is pushing and is much more common with assisted deliveries where things like forceps are used. With that said, even just carrying a pregnancy can weaken these muscles so it is not all about the birth as such,” Warr said.

“Also, it’s really important to understand that it is not just women who are having babies that are at risk. Other things such as constipation, years of straining on the loo, and poor technique during heavy weight lifting can also lead to pelvic floor weakness. This is because there can be a great deal of pressure inside the abdomen during these activities which can lead to weakening of the muscles over time.”

Warr emphasis that it’s important to get confirmation if you think you may have a weak pelvic floor.

“I say this because there are a number of women that we see whom are convinced they have weakness, when in fact their muscles are actually too tight (leading to shortening of the fibers). If any muscle in the body is too tight and unable to lengthen, we know that this can effectively render that muscle useless. In the case of pelvic floor, these women can have symptoms of ‘weakness’ such as leaking and can also experience pain with things like sex,” Warr said.

“Here is where I would say that a physiotherapist who has a special interest and experience in this area is invaluable. They will be able to assess the muscles properly and guide the woman through a strength and coordination program. If required, women can also be shown how to use of things like vaginal weights and other pelvic floor specific feedback tools. These tools are great to help to monitor their progress.”

Research shows there are a number of women out there trying to do their pelvic floor exercises by reading a pamphlet.

“As you can imagine, this has limited feedback. As a result, unfortunately many are getting the technique completely wrong. Understanding your anatomy and getting feedback is key,” Warr said.

Signs that you may have a weak pelvic floor (or in fact, the muscles may be too tight) include bladder control issues, accidentally passing wind, pain in the pelvis and painful sex.

“This topic has been viewed as taboo for many decades despite women all around the world experiencing a variety of pelvic floor symptoms. Whether that is the woman who runs to the bathroom in the middle of a gym class versus the other end of the spectrum, the woman who is biting the pillow during sex because she is in so much pain,” Warr said.

“It is time to drop the taboo culture and start talking. I see these ‘band aid’ products such as advertisements for pads, guiding a thought process of “OK this is now my lot in life”, and we can become impartial to it. There is a sense of normalizing the whole thing which I understand can make people feel better. However, just because something is common does not make it normal. Nor is it something that can’t be helped. Confidence is empowering, it is hard to be confident when you are wetting your pants!”

Hear hear! The take home advice? Do something now! Go see your doctor,  seek out a specialist, or simply try some at-home Kegel training routines.


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