Aria Vitality Rechargeable Bullet Kit With Wireless Remote

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When Blush Novelties came out with their Aria series of bullet vibrators, I wondered exactly how powerful can these little vibes be? Then they decided to pair one with a remote control and 3 interchangeable soft tips. Let’s take a more in-depth look at it.


  • Powerful bullet with 3 tips plus remote
  • 10 Deep rumbly functions – 5 Speeds and 5 Patterns
  • USB rechargeable
  • Magnetic USB Charging Cord included
  • Long Range wireless remote allows you to easily find the right function
  • Contains No Synthetic Fragrance, Phthalate, Paraffins Nor Latex
  • Meets Or Exceeds International Product Safety Standards
  • 5 Year warranty provided by Blush Novelties

Tiffy’s Take

The Aria Vitality Rechargeable Bullet Kit with Wireless Remote takes on the look of a traditional bullet vibrator. It has a cylinder shape with a rounded tip. It comes available in two colors: Purple and Pink. While I would like to see more colors besides the traditional and overplayed pink and purple, I seem to have become used to seeing the color, so it doesn’t really bother me but we do really need some more options. The bullet features a one-button operation and can be used independently of the remote control.

I would describe the vibrations as powerful, buzzy, and a little bit of rumble. Repeat after me: “Not all buzzy vibrations are bad.” Buzzy vibrations have tendency to get a bad rap because they are associated with poorly made motors that create these terrible vibrations that do nothing but annoy the genitals. Not the case here. I don’t know how they did it, but these vibrations are powerful and get me where I need to go if you catch my drift. In addition to 5 patterns of vibration, there are a whopping 5 levels of intensity. Can we just give this vibe and Blush Novelties a round of applause for that? Additionally, because this vibe is so small, it can fit into most dildos that allow for a vibe in the base. As always, add some water-based lube the toy before inserting your bullet.

Now onto my favorite feature: The Remote. It’s rechargeable, can be used from long distances, and can turn the Aria Vitality Rechargeable Bullet into a wearable remote control panty vibe. It comes already paired with the remote and is a personal favorite of mine because to me it’s a lazy masturbator’s dream. If your someone who likes to use your vibrators while lying down in a positon that may not give you a ton of access to your vibrator’s control buttons, you’ll love this. I can change the patterns and intensity without touching the bullet.

The Aria Vitality Rechargeable Bullet comes with 3 interchangeable soft tips for added stimulation. The description for the three tips are as follows: One is green with two bunny ears, another is purple with a tapered pointed tip, and the last one is orange with a nubbed tip. My favorite ones are the green and purple ones because they provide the most pin-point stimulation. The vibrations transfer well into the tips, making the sensation even more enjoyable. I find that I don’t have a difficult time inserting the bullet and removing the bullet from the tips, but if this is a fear of yours, just add a little water-based lubricant to the inside of the tip before inserting for easy removal.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a remote control vibe or something that can be used for a plethora of things, I highly recommend the Aria Vitality Rechargeable Bullet Kit with Wireless Remote. The remote control feature is enough of a reason on its own to buy it but paired with strong vibrations, interchangeable tips for different sensations and its size just makes it a great package that would be great as a gift, a first time vibe, or an addition to collection.

You can purchase the Aria Vitality Rechargeable Bullet Kit with Wireless Remote, here.

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Sensuelle Point PLUS Silicone 20 Function Bullet with Silicone Tips

New Sensuelle Bullet

When it comes to bullet vibes, I always say you can never have enough. I mean yea, you could probably do with just having one in your collection. But why would you want to? Today, I’m going to talk about a bullet you didn’t even know you needed until now. The Sensuelle Point PLUS Silicone 20 Function Bullet.


  • Made Of ABS Plastic and Silicone
  • Power Boosted Motor- Amazingly powerful
  • Includes 2 Stimulator Tips for added fun
  • Waterproof
  • Rechargeable
  • 2-Button Function
  • 20 Vibration Funcions
  • ROHS Approved CE Approved
  • One year warranty provided by Novel Creations
  • Phthalates Free

Tiffy’s Review

The Sensuelle Point PLUS Silicone 20 Function Bullet is pretty new to the market. But not new to the game. It’s very similar to its predecessor, the Sensuelle Point 20 Function Silicone Rechargeable Bullet, of which I have two of because I love it so much. It’s powerful, rumbly with a little bit of buzz, and my clit is always happy with the orgasms they give. I often wondered why all the other clit vibes couldn’t get like it and be just as powerful and if something more powerful then it existed. Then the Sensuelle Point PLUS Silicone 20 Function Bullet came along and knocked me off my feet. It also features a new 2-button operation which makes finding your favorite vibration setting a whole lot easier.

It has a cylinder body and pointed tapered tip for pin-point stimulation when needed. They body is made of ABS plastic and silicone giving it a matte look while feeling velvety soft on the skin. Always use water-based lubricant. What adds a level of pleasurable complexity to this bullet vibe is that comes with 2 stimulator tips which provide texture and added stimulation. It feels great when being used on the clit or an erogenous zones. And because there made of silicone, they can be easily sanitized anyway of your choosing.

When I heard that the Sensuelle Point PLUS Silicone 20 Function Bullet was 30% stronger than the original, I didn’t believe it. It is the same size as the original, so I wanted to know how they could fit a larger motor into this bullet. But they did. I would describe the vibrations as upbeat, fast and, powerful. I get there every time without fail using this vibe. When it comes to size, it doesn’t take on the aesthetic of a traditional looking bullet vibe. It’s on the larger side and will most likely not accommodate many dildos that allow for a bullet in the base or cavity. If you’re willing to risk it all in the name of pleasure, simply ass some water-based lube to the bullet before inserting it so removing it will be a breeze.

Final Thoughts

The Sensuelle Point PLUS Silicone 20 Function Bullet with Silicone Tips is a super powerful that I think every person with a clit should own. The added stimulator tips paired with those powerful vibrations provide a unique experience like no other. A definite nightstand necessity.

You can purchase the Sensuelle Point PLUS Silicone 20 Function Bullet with Silicone Tips here.

Sensuelle Point PLUS Silicone 20 Function Bullet with Silicone Tips is also available in a shiny Rose Gold color. You can pick one up by clicking here.

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Think Pink: Your Vibrator Purchase Benefits Living Beyond Breast Cancer


Inspire is a collection of thoughtfully designed products aimed at improving the lives of women on their journey for heightened sexual experiences.

A portion of proceeds from Inspire products always benefits Living Beyond Breast Cancer (LBBC), a non-profit that provides programs and services to those affected by breast cancer. In honor of breast cancer awareness month, the manufacturer of the line, CalExotics, is doubling their regular donation! Double the proceeds from each sale of Inspire will go to LBBC to continue the fight and help women take control of their sexual health.

Here are some of the Inspire items we here at love the most. Like all of our powered items, they are all rechargeable, waterproof, and backed by a manufacturer’s warranty:


Inspire Flickering Intimate Arouser
Inspire Flickering Intimate Arouser

This oscillating arouser was designed to enhance intimate sensitivity, and offers 10 functions of vibration, pulsation and escalation. The ergonomically curved handle ends in a silky silicone cup that houses a soft flickering tongue-like tip for incredible sensations and full-contact arousal.

Inspire Vibrating G-Wand Bendable Massager
Inspire Vibrating G-Wand Bendable Massager

The Vibrating G-Wand offers a bulbous tip to strengthen the pelvic floor, and 10 functions of vibration, pulsation and escalation to help increase circulation and blood flow. The shaft flexes and bends for multi-directional positioning, making sure that you’ll always hit the right spot.

Inspire Vibrating Ultimate Wand
Inspire Vibrating Ultimate Wand

The Ultimate Wand is a vibrating massager you can use to increase circulation and decrease muscle pain anywhere on the body, as well as an intimately sensual personal stimulator. Dressed in premium silicone, it offers 10 functions of vibration, pulsation and escalation.

Inspire Silicone Dilator Kit
Inspire Silicone Dilator Kit

Dilator therapy is an at-home treatment known to restore and revive vaginal strength and comfort by gradually allowing the user to comfortably reduce pelvic floor muscle tension by training those muscles to relax. The Inspire Dilator Kit contains a range of different sized dilators to allow for appropriate size and progression of treatment over time at your own pace.

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