A little background on Indigo Honey

We’ve read the data, and although the numbers vary from study to study, and depending on who you talk to, 68%  – 79% of pleasure product purchases are made by woman. But, after searching extensively online, we couldn’t find a website dedicated to items just for HER – Until now.

IndigoHoney.com is an online boutuque for the modern independant woman filled with items hand-picked with her in mind. Everything she needs to live that Indigo Honey Life can be found here: Sexual Wellness items, luxury bath & body items, pleasure products, and all the goodies that go with those pleasure products 🙂

It was our feeling that, if a woman is shopping for herself, she has no need to see toys for him or even toys for couples, so we didn’t even include those items at all. In our opinion, that makes for a faster shopping experience, because we know sometimes she may not have much downtime to search and hunt for exactly the right thing.

Happy Shopping!

❤ IH